Studies and analysis of food and water with certified quality

Ecomiquim is a laboratory with 20 years of experience dedicated to the analysis of physicochemical, microbiological and metal in water, food and soil AND STUDIES ON THE SUBJECT, support all types of businesses such as agricultural, industrial, food and government: CNA , CEAG and utilities, in strict compliance with national and international standards including but not limited to: NOM, NMX, AOAC, and ISO.

Our infrastructure, qualified staff and management systems enable us to offer a comprehensive service that can exceed the needs of our customers with confidence, security, privacy and technical support.
Ecomiquim has built an area for research and development of new products and services. Projects that trigger innovations for our customers in a competitive market.

Our laboratory and staff APPRECIATES THE CONFIDENCE THAT PROVIDES US WITH CUSTOMERS AND SUPPLIERS, in return, fuels the motivation for us to strive in the development of daily objectives and to maintain our quality standards and commitment for continuous improvement. Vision as an innovative laboratory with social responsibility, We provide services of analysis and research, promoting the culture of protection, conservation and use of resources and improving the quality of people's life.
Mission Ecomiquim is renowned as an accredited laboratory dedicated to providing analytical services and studies, to exceed the expectations of our customers by offering confidence and safety, applying continuous improvement, technological advancement and new product development.

Quality politics Continuous improvement is the main commitment of Ecomiquim. We provide water, food, and soil analysis service, with quality that provides our management system based on ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 / NMX-EC-17025-IMNC 2006, the expertise and efforts of our staff, in order to be the best option for our clients.